Sectors for which we create


We are backed by years of experience in the creation of perfumes. Our team of perfumers, and the very proactive marketing department members work to follow the latest trends and developments both in the national and the international market, or even anticipate them, in order to give the best possible service to our customers.

Kids Perfumery  |  Selective Perfumery  |  Bulk Perfumery

Mass Market Perfumery


The big dimension of personal care market has allowed us to offer custom creations for a wide variety of products.

Cosmetics  |  Hair Care |  Desodorants |  Depilatories  |  Bath gel and soaps | Creams and body lotions


We are specialists in creating the right fragrance for each product type and we adapt it to all developed bases. We have created fragrances for a great variety of customers and products of the Household sector.

Detergents | Fabric Softeners | Multi-Purpose Cleaners | Specific Cleaning Products

Full range of Air Fresheners | Dishwashing liquids/solids


We have a wide range of natural extracts, which provide a significant added value to our fragrances and enrich the product they are incorporate into.


It has become quite common in the fashion world as well as with companies focused on final consumers, the identification of their Brand through olfactive sense. Known as Olfactive Marketing, the purpose of this technique is so consumers can instantly and unconsciously associate odors with a specific brand.

At GLOBAL FRAGRANCES LABS we use all our resources and experience so as to offer added value to those companies that wish to create their own unique and exclusive fragrance, with which they may identify and demonstrate their personality.

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